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Do you think you’re too old to ever regain the strength and flexibility you had when you were younger?

You’re wrong! It’s never too late to improve your strength, balance, agility and coordination.

For people who believe that they are ‘no good’ at exercise or that their exercising days are over, but who truly want to move better and feel healthier, I am the trainer for you.

I am here to help you achieve your full physical and mental potential through unique online one-on-one training, designed specifically to build your confidence, and to meet your individual health and fitness needs. For example, if you have lower back issues, I can work around that to create a program tailor-made for just for you. Or if you have had an experience with exercise that has left you feeling like it’s not for you, I can help you to get over that.

Why Choose Online Training with me?

Convenient and Private

Can be done from the privacy of your home, your workplace or hotel room, at a time that suits you. No need to drive places or to fit in with the fixed timetables of others. No need to go to gyms full of younger people. You can even exercise with a friend or partner if you like.


You do not need any special equipment or a very large space.


All clients who train with me online receive regular coaching calls where we discuss your life, your health and how you are feeling about your training and your progress. I aim to provide you with the best customer service I can, and to do my utmost to keep you on track.


All too often, clients in their 50s and over injure themselves by doing group classes or by exercising with young, inexperienced trainers. I am 47 years old. I use my Sports Science degree and over 30 years of experience to provide training that is especially tailored for your age group, and I progress at a pace that builds your confidence and strength gradually, always at the point that challenges you but doesn’t defeat you. My programs are also full of variety and fun. You will soon start to notice great changes taking place not only in your body, but also in your sleep quality, your energy levels, and your overall happiness.

I have also developed a suite of short online videos that you can use to supplement your face to face sessions with me – all developed specifically for those over 50 – AND I run a bonus free class online once a week. Not only that, I will soon be releasing a 12 week course for those who can’t afford one to one training.

Take care of yourself

All too often, we put others first, whether that be children, spouses or elderly parents. But don’t forget you need to take good care of yourself to be able to best help others. And your health is something that you can’t take for granted. Exercise is key to the prevention of a range of problems, from the simplest of things – like not having enough energy to do daily activities, to very serious issues, such as irreversible disease. Regular exercise also vastly improves your happiness!

I am passionate about finding better and better ways to improve the quality of life of people in their 50s and above. Why do I care so much? Ten years ago, I experienced crippling back pain and it took me years to figure out a way to get my life back on track, so I know what it feels like to be frustrated with your body, to have low energy, and to have to work around injuries. I also know how good it feels when you finally find a solution, and I promise to take care of your health as though it were my own.

How can I get started?

Give me a call on 0405 807 252 or email me to set up a 15 minute chat.

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